RN4CNE May Newsletter

Finding the correct resources to meet your personal professional development needs can be challenging. We are here to help you connect to the resources and fill your learning gap.

Foundational Nursing Skills and Specialty Practice SkillsWe have redesigned our live programs page to make it easier for you to discover new educational programs.

* Foundations for Practice programs are designed for all areas of nursing and healthcare practice. These programs build a strong skill set of evidence-based practice for all areas and levels of healthcare practice.

* Specialty Practice programs are designed for specialty areas of nursing and healthcare practice. You may practice or have an interest in the specialized area and need evidence-based updates to enhance your practice.

This fall we are launching many new educational programs. Topics include: pediatrics, dermatology, adverse childhood experiences and many more. Check our website regularly as we are adding more programs daily.

Employers, do you see a program you want to host in your organization? Contact us to work out a plan to fill your gap.

We look forward to seeing you soon.