Is your company interested in providing corporate sponsorship for one or more of our educational activities? 

Acute Care Education embraces all types of corporate sponsorship to help us decrease the cost of our events and develop new educational activities. Every level of sponsorship support will be recognized as a sponsor in our website advertising and in the written handout information given to learners.  Attendance at the event for one representative of the sponsoring organization is included in all levels of sponsorship. In-kind sponsorships of room or building use qualify as a Bronze Sponsor.  Please contact us at (971) 231-4413.

Please read our policy on Sponsorship and Commercial Support.  All sponsors and commercial interests providing support to our educational activities must complete and return the Sponsor Support Agreement or Commercial Support Agreement.  

All sponsorship support is recognized in the following manner:

  • Website advertising will display the sponsor logo with sponsorship level of recognition
  • The written disclosures to learners will declare the sponsorship support for the program
  • Sponsor logo will be displayed in the pre-program slide show for the program
  • Day of the event, we verbally thank our sponsors for their support in front of attendees.  If a representative of the sponsor is present, we will introduce them to the attendees.

If you are interested in supporting our programs and your company uses a grant system requiring application by us, please email us the specifics and web address.  If the sponsorship amount you would like to provide is not listed, please contact us at (971) 231-4413.

Levels of Sponsorship

Bronze Level:  

  • $1,000.00

Silver Level: 

  • $2,500.00

Gold Level: 

  • $5,000.00