Terri Nosack

Terri Nosack is a Nurse Educator, Nationally Board Certified Holistic Nurse, Certified Holistic Stress Management Instructor, and Spiritual Care Volunteer. She serves as RN Nurse Planner for American Holistic Nursing Association (AHNA) endorsed programs presented by Brian Luke Seaward, Ph. D., Holistic Stress Management expert, mentor, speaker, author, and film maker.

Terri has been a member of AHNA for 15 years, and served as AHNA Washington State Network Leader and AHNA Steering Committee member for five years. She integrates Holistic Nursing, relaxation, and stress management practices into daily life. In the classroom, she breathes life into evidence-based research by creating an integrative, experiential learning environment designed to awaken the senses and delight the soul.

Terri joins us with a rich background of professional nursing experience.

 Inspired by the 1980’s TV show “Emergency 911”, Terri started out in life as an EMT, paramedic, and operating room technician before finding her passion in nursing.  While following her husband, Tom, on his military career, Terri decided that becoming a registered nurse would lead to more opportunities.  Therefore, she entered the University of Texas School of Nursing and graduated four years later. She moved to Portland, Oregon where she worked at the Portland VA Medical Center, joined the US Army Nurse Corps Reserves at Vancouver Barracks, and eventually moved to full time active duty with the Army.  

Throughout the years, Terri has experienced numerous professional pathways as a military, VA, and civilian RN including ER, OR, Recovery Room, Medical-Surgical, Hospice, Education, Administration, Utilization Management, Quality, Finance, Case Management, and Holistic Nursing.  However, Terri’s greatest passion is teaching Integrative Health and Holistic Nursing.  Since 2005, Terri has been providing evidence-based, interactive and experiential workshops, education, and consultation on the mind-body-spirit connections. She serves as a Nurse Planner for several of Dr. Brian Luke Seaward’s American Holistic Nurses Association endorsed certification programs.   

Terri has been married to Tom for 37 years. Together, they have one grown son named James, who played competitive soccer up into his years as a UW Husky.  Terri loves outdoor activities including hiking, working in the garden, kayaking, and photography.  Currently, she is creating a beautiful new backyard – complete with lawn, vegetable and flower gardens, walking path, and fire pit.  With the family dog, a Belgian Malinois named Maya, and an Egyptian Mau cat named Kai by her side, she plans on using her new porch and backyard to entertain neighbors, friends and family. 


More from an interview with Terri Nosack: 

Tell me a few things about yourself that might interest others to know. 

    • For the past ten years I have been part of an extraordinary women’s drumming group. These women are my soul sisters, confidants and friends, and provide an amazing circle of support to bear witness and celebrate each other’s ups and downs.
    • I recently did my Ancestry DNA and found out I am 36% Ireland/Scotland/Wales, 25% Western European, 19% Great Britain, 8% Iberian Peninsula, and 6% Scandinavian.  I was able to discover my father’s biological parents, and made contact with newly discovered family members.
    • Every year I take my mother on the “Old Age Ain’t for Sissies Road Trip.”  This family tradition allows my mother time to visit with her cousin and me the opportunity to reconnect and keep in touch with extended family.  

Your message to others 

“Always be seeking and fostering your growth and development! “

I recently joined a team of Clark College Faculty to participate in their annual “Biggest Loser Challenge.”  Needless to say, this has been a real eye-opening and humbling experience.  It busted many of my long-held excuses around why I could not fit exercise into my schedule (you get up at 4:45 AM).  I am learning to drink lots of water, get 7-8 hours of sleep per night, and really think about why I am eating.  I work with a trainer twice a week, and go to Planet Fitness several times a week to continue working toward my goal to take 10 thousand steps a day (about 5 miles).  …Stay tuned!



Feedback from our Art of Healing Program:


“This was my favorite continuing education class ever. It was interesting and interactive and it was nice to focus on our well being.
I think a lot of nurses would enjoy and benefit from this course.”