Nancy Zavacki

Nancy is an experienced clinical nurse educator with over 35 years of clinical experience. During her career, she has practicedin nursing homes, hospitals, and clinical settings. As a clinical nurse educator she has taught for ADN, BSN, and re-entry nursing programs. Currently, she is oversees the Oregon Nurse Re-Entry Program as the Program Director for Health & Educational Consultants.

Nursing Skills Refresher Workshop – Are you changing practice settings, or reentering nursing and looking for an update in your basic nursing skills? Nursing Skills Refresher Workshop will provide you the benefit of hands-on review and practice of common acute care nursing skills. This course builds your confidence in the skills needed to work in an adult skilled nursing or basic medical/surgical care setting. The goal of this class is to update your knowledge, practice the skills, and develop confidence in the processes. Return demonstration is a requirement of all participants.