Lisa Kurtz

Lisa Kurtz is owner of Healing Hands From the Heart1, a Reiki & self-care practice. In her practice she offers clients personal, self-care Reiki appointments and monthly self-care classes. Over the past several years she has completed Reiki 1, 2 and Master certifications, Energetic Boundaries, Energy Healing Practitioner Certificate, Pranic Healing 1, and mindfulness practices.  Currently she is enrolled at Clark College, working to obtain a Holistic and Integrated Health certification, with integrative medicine classes such as Medicine and Self-care with Reiki medicine and Introduction to medical Reiki.

Lisa volunteers at Legacy Hospital in Spiritual Care, where she provides relaxation tools, prays, if appropriate, and honors love.  She is also on the board with Bridge the Gap, helping with events, awareness and fundraising for families involved with foster care.  She has been a member of the Rotary Club of Three Creeks, and has found it to be an amazing experience to do service projects, create awareness in the community, be selected for a Mexico Mission trip, build community and experience club relationships. 

Lisa Kurtz - owner of Healing Hands from the Heart1