Kimberly McCord

Kimberly has been a practicing critical care nurse for over 10 years. She first discovered acupressure and the protocols developed by Soul Lightening over 5 years ago. She enjoys providing patients relief of stress, anxiety and pain through these protocols as an adjunct to pharmaceuticals.

Kimberly is a certified Soul Lightening International SEVA and Acupressure for Anyone instructor. Her goal is to provide training to other nurses so more of these beneficial procedures can be done at the bedside.

Kimberly McCord

A career in nursing was not a direct path for me, but rather an evolution over my lifetime.  My desire to leave behind the small-town life that I grew up in led me to a position as a medical assistant; a job that I held for 12 years before getting my nursing degree.  Being a medical assistant was a great career for me. It allowed me the freedom to move around and know that I would have skills that were in demand anywhere I went.  As a medical assistant, I called home, Junction City, Portland, Santa Cruz, and Burbank.  I enjoyed these adventures.  Learning how to surf, mountain bike, and attending sporting events and concerts were my highlights of living in California.  And don’t forget about the occasional famous person encounters.  While in California, I worked for physician groups of orthopedic surgeons and gastroenterology.  This led me to my return to Oregon where I started my nursing career.    

My greatest inspiration to pursue a medical career and eventually become a nurse was undoubtedly my mother.  She is not a nurse, but she worked for a physician in the small town I grew up in.  I remember waiting for her in the waiting room watching her talk with patients; listening to their stories.  She would smile and answer their questions and the patients were always so grateful for her kind words.  She glowed behind that reception desk when she was assisting a person with whatever problem they were having.  Watching her, I knew I wanted to touch people’s lives in the same way she did.  

What I have learned over the years is you have to be able to laugh at yourself.  I believe we take ourselves to seriously. If you’re able to step back and reflect on the situation and find the humor in it, it’s easier to open up and allow yourself to improve on your techniques and skills.  By adding a little self-reflection, and finding humor in situations, it has assisted me in decreasing stress and becoming a better nurse and educator.   

SEVA Stress Release: Part 1 for Self – Care and Part 2 for Others

SEVA STRESS RELEASE: PART ONE (3 HOURS) -THIS THREE – HOUR WORKSHOP TEACHES AN ACUPRESSURE PROTOCOL (The SEVA stress Release) that can be used for self-care, addressing a wide range of needs, including general relaxation and well-being or extreme shock and stress. This workshop does not require previous bodywork experience. Anyone can learn this simple but effective way to help themselves. This dynamic and interactive workshop allows participant to fully experience the SEVA Stress Release through demonstration and hands-on practice. Workshop participants learn about the healing and transforming power of acupressure practice a unique touch method, locations of various effective acupoints and how to use the protocol for self-care.

SEVA STRESS RELEASE: PART TWO (3 HOURS) – THIS IS PART TWO OF OUR INTRODUCTORY TRAINING THE SEVA STRESS RELEASE IS DEMONSTRATED AND PRACTICED IN TWO NEW WAYS: SEATED IN CHAIRS AND LYING COMFORTABLY ON MASSAGE TABLES. After taking modules one and two, students have enough information and skill to practice easily on themselves, as with family and friends. These two modules comprise the prerequisite for taking any of the remaining Acupressure for Anyone workshops