Kathy Wilmering

Kathy Wilmering, MSW ARNP BC, is currently in private practice; however, her other settings have included hospitals, public health, and community mental health centers, where she helped set up innovative programs for people with chronic mental illness.

Most of her clients experience a complex blend of chronic illness and mental health issues that defy conventional solutions. She blends the usual psychiatric medications with herbs and supplements and teaches clients yoga specific to mental health.

Participants consistently describe her as an inspiring, humorous teacher with an encyclopedic grasp of healing modalities.

Kathy Wilmering - Speaker for Integrating Natural Medicines Into Practice

On a personal note …

Kathy Wilmering with friendsKathy is an aunt/adopted aunt to 9 amazing humans, as well as to 2 greyhounds, a pit bull, and a formerly feral fluff-ball mutt. When Kathy, the dogs and their humans walk together, they make a parade that turns heads.

Kathy has an amazing range of musical abilities. She can play harp, guitar, piano/keyboards, and a little bit of psaltery and wooden flute. Her musical talents and training provide comfort to others when playing music at the bedside of people who are sick or dying. As a person who enjoys singing, she develops parodies of songs that are crafted to fit the situation in front of her.

Kathy Wilmering with a Tibetan WomanHiking and traveling are two of her favorite activities. A couple of her favorite trips were to Tibet, Nepal, and the Indian Himalayas. In some of those places she had the privilege of sitting with indigenous Sound healers as they worked with people who had both physical and mental illness. One time in Nepal when she gave a Therapeutic Touch treatment to someone with altitude sickness, villagers named her “Magic Lady” and brought her their sick people.

Kathy fell in love with nursing in the 4th grade, when she discovered the Cherry Ames and Sue Barton series in the public library. She dreamed about joinig the Frontier Nursing Service in the Appalachians and ride horses to her patients but, by the time she grew up, providers had transitioned to cars. Not a problem for Kathy because there was also urban public health nursing, peds, psych … so many options. Once she got to be in school she was hooked.

Volunteering in the Appalachians and then working in a variety of peds, psych, and community mental health centers, Kathy was instrumental in helping start 2 programs for people with chronic mental illness. When she encountered very traumatized clients who also had mental illness, where nothing worked,  she began learning about complementary therapies. She found they not only helped her patients, but also helped her heal much of what had been secondary progressive MS.

Integrating Natural Medicines into Practice – Current medications for psychiatric disorders are frequently not enough to completely remediate patients’ symptoms. This course provides learners with research-based natural medicine options for either entirely managing symptoms or augmenting conventional psychotropics. Case studies and discussion will illuminate use of these for specific disorders. Participants will also experience yoga practices tailored to some of the disorders targeted in this presentation.