Dawn Lantz

Dr. Dawn P. Lantz is passionate about clients with Opioid Use Disorder. Her wealth of nursing experience in a variety of settings make her ideal for insightful pearls in working with this population. Dawn has functioned as a family nurse practitioner since 1994. She received a Master’s Degree from the University of Maryland concentrating in Maternal-Child Clinical Nurse specialist focusing in pediatrics in 1984. Dawn thrived in the inpatient pediatric setting then transitioned to home health, developing a pediatric home health team in Asheville NC. After being called to active duty in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm and serving for almost 1 year, she returned to school completing a Post-graduate certificate Family Nurse Practitioner Program at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Dawn began a program of research at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, completing a doctoral degree December 2001. Her dissertation research used Grounded Theory to study Long-term Recovery from Addiction to Alcohol and other drugs in women. Dawn has functioned as a FNP in primary care, a correctional institution, outpatient mental/behavioral health and inpatient substance dependency treatment.

Speaker Dawn Lantz

Avoiding Litigation in a Litigious Society – Avoiding Litigation in a Litigious Society will present an introduction to all levels of nursing and the law. Common reasons lawsuits are pursued by patients and families are discussed as well as strategies to prevent a malpractice lawsuit. The concepts of risk management, loss prevention and loss control will be explored. Through small group discussion, each participant will develop a personalized strategic plan to assure HIPPA compliance and decrease risk of exposure to malpractice allegations. NOTE: Most malpractice insurance companies offer a discounted rate for individuals who have completed a course on legal issues, risk management and risk prevention.

Opioid Use Disorder: The BIG Picture – Opioid use in our society has become a national health crisis. How did we get here when we were “just treating the pain”? You will explore the history of the opioid crisis and its relationship to addiction. You will navigate assessment tools and plans of care, including emergency care, to successfully help a client move into lifelong recovery. By learning how support systems impact the lifelong recovery plan, you will gain tools to empower family to strengthen the client resolve to beat the addiction. You will engage in simulation, role play and return demonstration exercises throughout the day of learning. You will be viewing a video during lunch.