Daniel Hu

Dan Hu, PharmD, BCCCP is a critical care and emergency medicine pharmacist and is board certified in critical care medicine. He was born and raised in Hawaii and following his graduation from the University of Hawaii at Hilo Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy, he completed a fellowship with the University and the FDA Office of Minority Health, followed by an acute care residency at Providence St. Peter Hospital. Dan has taught at multiple universities for PharmD and PhD programs and holds an adjunct faculty position with Washington State University. He has taught as an educator and delivered continuing education for RNs, MDs, PharmDs, and paramedics with both local and national lectures. Dan maintains a strong academic focus with research and publications, and sits on the editorial board for the Hawaii Journal of Health and Social Welfare.

Speaker Dan Hu

Daniel Hu enjoying his motorcycleDaniel absolutely loves his job as a pharmacist. He had considered careers in nursing, engineering, and teaching, but chose to be a pharmacist after spending time with a family friend who was a pharmacist. Currently he works in the critical care unit and emergency department, often teaching pharmacy students and residents while trying to spend as much time as possible at the bedside. A fun fact that Daniel’s friend, Wendy, likes to remind him about is the humble beginning of his career when he failed to pass the ACLS course the first time.

Daniel Hu backpacking While in pharmacy school, Daniel was in a band named Bonder. They played three times in front of an audience and acquired 51 followers on Facebook. He jokes that they were heading toward fortune and fame, but then all the band members graduated from school and moved to different states. Daniel enjoys playing the guitar and says that, if he wasn’t a pharmacist, he would be playing in a band!

Daniel’s wife often says he has too many hobbies but Daniel disagrees; he believes you can’t have enough! Some of his main hobbies include photography, backpacking, motorcycles, and guitars. He is the proud owner of two dogs: a Frenchie named Zoe and a black lab named Leo. He uses his photography hobby to take many photos of his dogs and posts them on Facebook.

Pharmacology Lecture: Cannabis, Essential Oils & Placebos – This Pharmacology Lecture is designed to develop knowledge on marijuana and essential oils: two products which currently lack the strict regulation that the FDA applies to drugs in the US. As these products have exploded in popularity, more patients are beginning to use and abuse these products. How do they work? Are they helpful? Are they harmful? What is the level of evidence behind these products? You will learn how to effectively use or provide education to others for the safe use of marijuana and essentials oils.