Barbara Hostetler

Barbara Hostetler is a registered nurse with over 44 years of nursing experience ranging from critical care to chief nursing officer and department administrator. Raised in Western Pennsylvania, Barbara attended the 3-year diploma nursing program at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She stayed in Philadelphia working in the medical-surgical intensive care unit at Presbyterian-University of Pennsylvania Medical Center. During this time, Barbara completed her BSN at Holy Family College.  In November 1980, Barbara joined the United States Air Force as a 1Lieutenant and retired 5 years later with a rank of Colonel. During her time in the Air Force she completed an MS in Nursing and an MS in National Resource Strategy.

Upon retirement Barbara became the Chief Nursing Officer and Chief Operating Officer at Regional Hospital for Respiratory and Complex Care in Seattle Washington. In 2013, Barbara was selected as the Director, Clinical Services with United HealthCare Military and Veterans with responsibility for a 5-State region.  When the contract ended, Barbara became the Clinical Services Manager with Optum’s Military Global Nurse Advice Line, a division of United Healthcare.

Barb Hostetler

Essentials of Nurse Management: Module 1 – Leadership Foundation – Learn about yourself through a sample of the many self-assessments currently available. Next, what do followers and supervisors expect from you as a nurse manager? This important question will be answered through discussions of various leadership styles and how to become an authentic leader. Communication skills, building resilience, moral courage, and positive collegial and intra/inter-departmental networks will be examined and practiced. Strategies for conflict resolution enhancing team collaboration will close Module I for Leadership Foundation. Throughout, facilitators will share relative experiences to include mistakes made and opportunities learned from those mistakes.

Essentials of Nurse Management: Module 2 – Managing Your Biggest Asset: Your Staff – Focus on the organization’s most important asset: Human Resources. With this module, discussion will center on performance evaluations (good and bad). Participants will practice providing feedback leading to the positive changes and improved performance the nurse manager wants to see in his/her staff. Techniques to end bullying and lateral violence, while inspiring buy-in to build a positive workplace culture, will be discussed. As a nurse manager, learning the organization’s recruitment, retention & separations programs are integral. Additionally, knowing federal laws (including FMLA, ADA, FLSA, EEO, OHSA and NLRB) will influence your management decisions and actions.

Essentials of Nurse Management: Module 3 – Leadership in the BIG Picture – Focus on your role as a manager to see the big picture…your organization. Learn how to align your mission and vision to your organization from the boardroom to the bedside. Discuss process improvement practices supported by data and evidence-based best practices. Practice advanced communication skills you will be using in meetings and for presentations. Outline financial responsibilities and techniques leading to effective stewardship of limited resources.