RN4CNE February Newletter

Are you seeking ways to grow and enhance your career? Are you too comfortable in your day to day work routines and feeling stunted in your learning? Are you experiencing limited opportunities to challenge yourself, conflict with co-workers, and repeated negative thoughts about staying in nursing? These signs of stress and fatigue may be a result of “professional development stagnation” which results in a career plateaus. A career plateau leads to low performance, sluggish promotion, and frustration which often leads to quitting the job or termination by an employer. The consequences of not moving forward professionally leaves you expendable. Being in the “comfort zone” is a dangerous place that you need to avoid it at all costs.

Recently, our organization has undergone a big opportunity to move us out of our “comfort zone”. Acute Care Education has been adopted by the Montana Nurses Association as an approved provider of continuing nursing education. This change in our ANCC approving body came about with the closing of the WSNA A-CNE program. Although this transition was stressful on us and increased our workload, Diane and I view it as an exciting challenge to grow as nursing professional development practitioners. As we become better in our role, you will see more targeted, high quality programs which could impact your learning, growth, and career. We hope you will join us and check out our future events.