Live Programs

We are proud to be offering many high quality continuing nursing education offerings. We are always developing more programs as our educational needs assessment shows a need in our community. Be a part of our 4CNE partnership.

Bring these educational offerings to your facility on our consultative option. Download our Program Guide and contact us for more information.

Foundations for Practice

Programs in Foundations for Practice are designed for all areas of nursing and healthcare practice. Audiences may be at various skill levels and are taught evidence-based practice guidelines. These programs build a strong skill set of evidence-based practice for all areas and levels of healthcare practice.

Foundational Nursing Skills and Specialty Practice Skills

Specialty Practice

Programs in Specialty Practice are designed for specialty areas of nursing and healthcare practice. Audiences may practice or have an interest in the specialized areas and bring pre-requisite knowledge to these programs. Audiences are taught evidence-based practice guidelines and directed to engage in the highest level of practice.

Acute Care Skills

Integrative Medicine and Holistic Health Skills

Leadership and Management Skills

Specialized Practice Skills