12 Lead ECG Interpretation [20190220]

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Max Contact Hours Awarded: 6.75
Max Pharmacotherapeutic Hours Awarded: 0

Program Description

You are experienced with interpreting the ECG rhythm the patient is displaying on the monitor, but how do you interpret the full 12-lead ECG?  This rapidly moving course will explore 12-lead ECG interpretation beyond basic cardiac ECG rhythms.  We will explore the advanced ECG concepts of bundle branch blocks, chamber enlargement, axis deviation, and ST-segment elevation, ST-segment depression and T-wave inversions and their relationship to STEMI and NSTEMI MI’s.  You will gain greater understanding of this valuable tool and use practical systematic steps for analyzing a 12-lead ECG.  This interactive course includes lecture, group participation, and skill acquisition exercises which use the FREE 12 Lead Analysis Tool and ECG ruler. Competency of basic cardiac ECG rhythm knowledge and identification is a mandatory prerequisite to this course. 

February 20, 2019
8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Location: EvergreenHealth Opens in new window or tab, Kirkland, WA

Who Should Attend?  

PCU/ICU/CCU/ED Registered Nurses, Advanced Practice Nurses in all areas with basic ECG experience, telemetry/ECG technicians, ED technicians, and other Healthcare Professionals wishing to perform advanced 12-lead ECG interpretation.

Program Outline

  • Cardiac Physiology, Electrical Conduction, Leads
  • Overview Rate & Rhythm, Bundle Branch Blocks, Chamber Enlargement
  • Axis Deviation, ST Elevation & Depression, T Wave Inversion
  • 5 Step ECG Analysis Practice
  • Ghosts of the 12 Lead
  • Quick Analysis Practical Test


Speaker:  Susan E. Thornton, MN, RN

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Registration includes: Attendance at program, downloadable program handouts,  ECG exercise, coffee, tea, water, continental breakfast, and snacks. Wi-fi is available in the conference center.

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