OHSU Course Evaluations

This page connects you with the evaluations for activities held at Oregon Health & Sciences University (one of our Joint-Providers).

To access the evaluation:  You will need your username and password for your profile with our website.  Please use the password reset if you have lost your password.  Please find your educational event below and click on the link to access the evaluation. 

First time users:  You will receive two autogenerated emails to the email address you registered at the educational event within 5 days of the event. One email is a notice of registration completion with the link to this page and the second email is notice of your username and password for our website.  If you did not receive these emails, please check your spam folders, and contact us at (360) 258-1838 for assistance.

The evaluations are available for 30 days after the educational activity.

Live Presentations

Clinical Pharmacology 711: Pediatric Pain Management  – November 19, 2020

Clinical Pharmacology 712: Deprescribing Medications for Older Adults  – December 17, 2020


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