Our Philosophy

Acute Care Education supports and promotes the American Nurses Association (ANA) belief that “nursing professional development is a lifelong process of active participation by nurses in learning activities that assist in developing and maintaining their continuing competence, enhance their professional practice and support achievement of their career goals”.  (NNSDO and ANA Scope & Standards of Practice for Nursing Professional Development, 2010) We also believe that nurses have individual responsibility to maintain their skills and knowledge.

The purpose of continuing nursing education (CNE) is to build upon varied educational and experiential bases for the enhancement of practice, education, administration, research, or theory development, in order to maintain and improve the health of the public.  A variety of educational options are necessary to meet the diverse needs of the nursing population, including, but not limited to academic education, experiential learning, consultation, teaching others, professional reading, distance learning, research and self-directed activities.

Content for CNE consists of concepts, principles, research or theories related to nursing practice that builds on previously acquired knowledge, skills, and attitudes.  The structure and content of this lifelong learning process is flexible, has immediate or future application, promotes professional development, and advances the career goals of both registered nurses and advanced practice registered nurses.

As a single focused continuing nursing education company, Acute Care Education strives to promote and deliver comprehensive CNE related to nursing practice, professional development, and the advancement of the profession.  We are particularly committed to exploring innovative ways of providing CNE that offer advanced content for our learners.  Acute Care Education involvement in providing a CNE activity includes assessment, diagnosis and analysis to determine target audience and learner needs, identification of educational outcomes, planning, implementation, and evaluation.  Standards and corresponding outcome criteria focus on competencies appropriate for professional development educators practicing in all settings.